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Some pictures from the L├╝sener or Lisenser Fernerkogel (elevation 3,298m) by night – more informations to be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisenser_Fernerkogel

Autumn in Innsbruck

Achenseebahn – Achensee Railway

Two steam locomotives 3=Georg from 1889 and 4=Hannah rebuild from old parts from (1,2 and 3) are shown here: – more Informations to be foud here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Achensee_Railway


Messner Schupf – Rosengarten – Latemar

Back home in South Tyrol for the weekend. All pictures taken with a polarization filter on the 28-70 2.8

Achensee Gaisalm


Zanon Racetaxi 2016

More information to be found on the official website of Bernd: zanonracing.com

dsc_1803 dsc_1807 dsc_1816 dsc_1868 dsc_1880 dsc_1890 dsc_1971 dsc_2153 dsc_2214dsc_2021 dsc_2060 dsc_2151 dsc_2246 dsc_2286 dsc_2326

Schlegeis Stausee / Schlegeis Basin

Schlegeisspeicher – more informations to be found here in english, german or italian.

dsc_1454 dsc_1462 dsc_1469 dsc_1474 dsc_1478 dsc_1487


Some astrophotographic shots, taken end of September 2016 (without tripot) – from Achensee – Tirol – Austria

dsc_1435 dsc_1441 dsc_1443 dsc_1447 dsc_1448 dsc_1449


dsc_1327 dsc_1331 dsc_1332 dsc_1346 dsc_1348 dsc_1352 dsc_1359-bearbeitet dsc_1372 dsc_1375 dsc_1382 dsc_1411 dsc_1418

Almabtrieb Pill – Ausfoarfest 2016

dsc_1260 dsc_1264 dsc_1271 dsc_1272 dsc_1273 dsc_1277 dsc_1280 dsc_1292 dsc_1296

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